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Pat McAfee Announces Partnership With NFL Films

Pat McAfee continues to make major moves.

On Wednesday, the former Colts punter, who has become one of the biggest sports entertainment personalities in all of sports, announced that he will be partnering with NFL Films for the upcoming season.

According to McAfee, he will be allowed to use NFL footage on the show every single day and will also be teaming with NFL films on a Mic ‘d-up segment.

“We will have NFL footage rights for the show every single day,” McAfee began. “We will also be creating, probably an Emmy-winning Mic’d Up type thing on the side with NFL Films. I don’t think this has ever happened before. I think this is one of the first times that something like we run has teamed up with NFL Films and the NFL.”

McAfee believes the partnership is going to be mutually beneficial for both parties.

“You’re going to make our show better and hopefully we make NFL Films a little bit better as well. We are very lucky and pumped to be a part of it, Keith.”

“Seeing you guys work, seeing how committed you are it reminded me of the way we are back here,” said Keith Cossrow. “What you guys have all built together is really special. What you’ve built Pat, is special. We could not be more excited at NFL Films to help build your show into something bigger. We are going to produce a weekly feature every week all season with you about the brilliance of our players in the NFL.”