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Deshaun Watson Suspension Settlement With NFL Reportedly ‘Very Possible’

It appears that Deshan Watson’s team and the NFL are currently in talks to settle Watson’s suspension.

According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, appeals officer Peter Harvey is taking his time with his decision in the hopes that Watson and the NFL figure things outs.

Via Pro Football Talk

Appeals officer Peter Harvey continues to delay his decision in the Deshaun Watson case, apparently not because he’s undecided or procrastinating. Harvey is believed to be waiting to see whether the league and Watson can work out a deal.

The possibility of settlement remains viable, we’re told. Currently, it could go either way. As such things usually do. But this one truly falls into the toss-up category. We’ll wait and see if the NFL and Watson can find a middle ground.

Last week it was reported that Watson had offered to settle for 8 games and a $5 million fine.

Two weeks ago, the NFL reportedly offered a 12-game suspension with an $8 million fine.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Watson and the NFL end up settling the case before Harvey makes his decision on the case.