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Basketball Mom Forced To Pay $9k After Daughter Sucker Punched Opponent

The basketball mom, who was captured on video last year ordering her daughter to punch an opponent, has been punished.

The daughter of former NBA player Corey Benjamin went viral when she was filmed sucker-punching an opponent during a youth basketball game last year.

The mother, Tira Hunt, was seen yelling “you better hit her for that”, which led to her daughter striking the girl.


Tira Hunt has been charged with misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and battery for allegedly ordering her daughter to hit the other girl.

According to TMZ Sports, the judge in the case is forcing Hunt to pay $9,000 in resituation and ordered her to write apology letters to the victim, her parents and the two basketball teams involved,

Hunt also has to attend anger management classes before being allowed to attend her daughter’s basketball games.