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49ers Really Don’t Want Jimmy Garoppolo To Go To 1 Team

The San Francisco 49ers really don’t want Jimmy to go to the Seattle Seahawks

NFL reporter Michael Lombardi said on his podcast that the Niners are doing everything in their power to prevent Jimmy G from going to Seattle, who he says are very interested in signing him.

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I keep asking teams all the time, why don’t they just cut Jimmy G now?” Lombardi said on his podcast, The GM Shuffle, per 95.7 The Game. “And the answer that I got back from multiple teams is ‘they don’t want him to go to Seattle’. I said, ‘Well how interested is Seattle in Jimmy G?’ And (one source) said ‘Oh, they’re very interested in him.’ So for all the talk about Geno, for all the talk about Drew Lock, I think Seattle knows they’re going to get Jimmy G. And I think San Francisco knows that he could go there. So they’re trying everything in their power to prevent that, and they have no takers.

Lombardi believes the Niners will eventually cut Garoppolo before his $25 million contract becomes guaranteed and he may end up signing with the Seahawks.

“So what I think will happen is the Friday before the opening weekend, I think they’ll cut Jimmy G. I think that’s when they’ll cut him, and then he’ll have to go do his contract and go up to Seattle and go there. But there is no interest in allowing Seattle to have even a week of preparation with Jimmy G to come in as their starting quarterback. But I do believe, reliably reported to me, that Seattle is the team that wants him.”

Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area reports that the 49ers believe Garoppolo will eventually sign with the Seahawks.

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So my guess is that he’s released on August 30th, and probably the next day, he’s signing with some team,” Maiocco said. “And I know around the 49ers, that they think he’s going to be ending up in Seattle.”