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Aaron Rodgers Reveals He Nearly Quit Football Before College

Aaron Rodgers almost quit football after high school.

During his interview on Pardon My Take, Rodgers says that he had planned to go study to become a lawyer after high school because he didn’t get any offers from division 1 schools.

Rodgers went on to say that playing baseball during his senior year in high school got him fired up enough to want to playfootball competitively again and that’s when he decided to play football at Butte College.

“Because I came out of the winter, had no offers, and really didn’t know what I was going to do. Obviously, the [junior colleges] in the area wanted me to come play there, but growing up, you don’t dream about playing, you know, JUCO ball. You dream about playing on Saturdays on ABC with Keith Jackson calling your games. You’re not thinking about playing at Cowan Stadium in Oroville, California in front of 500 people,” Rodgers said.

“But playing baseball that spring really kind of gave me my competitive fire back, and I played in this All-Star football game that summer. And I say ‘All-Star’ very lightly, because it was in Northern California, kind of North-South, there were only a few of us from that game who went on to play in college. But that kind of gave me my fire back. I went to Junior College at Butte, had a fantastic time, still very close with my coaches there, and then the rest is kind of history.”