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Baker Mayfield’s Spicy Comment About Playing Cleveland Browns In Week One Goes Viral ‘I’m Gonna F Them Up’

Baker Mayfield is reportedly ready to play the Cleveland Browns in week 1.

During this week’s Around the NFL podcast, NFL Network’s Cynthia Frelund claims she had an interesting exchange with Mayfield during the Panthers final preseason game. According to Frelund, Mayfield told her “I’m gonna f them up” while referencing the Panthers first game against the Browns this season.

On the field after the game against the Bills preseason game 3 and I walked over to him and told him “I’m so excited to see you…especially week one, I cannot wait” and he uses some expletives and I was like I just hope you’re just ready and he was like “I’m gonna bleep them up”

Here’s the audio of Frelund telling the story about Mayfield’s comments about week 1.

It’s not surprising that Mayfield would be fired up to play the Browns in week one. According to a report from ESPN he was not happy about how they handled his situation, especially the way they decided to trade for Watson while he was still on the team.


But what upset Mayfield even more, according to multiple sources, was finding out over social media on March 15 that Stefanski, Berry and Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam were flying to Houston to meet with Watson. Before the Browns officials had landed back in Cleveland, Mayfield posted a letter on social media thanking the city of Cleveland and its fans “who truly embraced who I am.”

He would later say on the “YNK” podcast that he felt “disrespected” by the Browns.

“I was told one thing,” he said, “and they completely did another.”

Mayfield was also angry with the Browns for reportedly saying that they wanted an “adult” in the room.

But the final straw for Mayfield, according to multiple sources, came on March 16, when ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen said he believed Mayfield’s time in Cleveland was over and that he was told the Browns wanted “an adult” at quarterback.

The next day, Mayfield requested a trade. The day after that, on March 18, the Browns landed Watson, signing him to a five-year deal worth a record $230 million, fully guaranteed.