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Brett Favre Questioned By FBI Over Welfare Scam Scandal

The welfare scam scandal featuring Brett Favre has hit the mainstream.

During an interview with NBC News on Thursday, Favre’s lawyer Bud Holmes revealed that the former Packers QB had been questioned by the FBI in the years-long case that saw millions in missing welfare funds being misused.

Back in 2017 and 2018, the state of Mississippi paid Favre $1.1 million to make motivational speeches with money coming federal welfare funds intended for needy families. When Mississippi State auditorShad White discovered Favre never gave the speeches, the state demanded the money back, with interest.

Favre eventually paid the money back he received from the state back but has refused to pay the $228,000 in interest the auditor demanded.

The story is once again gaining attention after the state welfare agency fired a lawyer who had been hired to recoup some of the money that was misused by the state.

Favre has not been charged criminally and it’s currently unknown if he’s pay the interest demanded by the Miss State auditor.