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2 Brands Remove Mentions Of Brett Favre As Scandal Continues To Get Worse For Him

Some brands are beginning to distance themselves from Brett Favre.

Last week, incriminating text messages were leaked that showed Favre’s involvement in a scheme featuring former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant in which $5 million in welfare money was used to fund a new volleyball arena for the school in which Favre’s daughter attended and played volleyball.

According to a report from Front Office Sports, two brands have already started scrubbing any mention that Favre worked for them.

“Hallow: The Catholic prayer and meditation app founded in 2018 announced in August it had partnered with Favre. Favre’s picture still appeared on the site Wednesday afternoon, but a mention of the partnership in the text has been scrubbed from an August version of the same page saved by the Internet Archive. Messages left with two Hallow executives were not returned.

Odyssey Health: Favre had been involved with the company’s nasal concussion product even before it acquired the technology from Prevacus — a startup that received about $2 million with the help of then-Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant that came from the Mississippi Department of Human Services. Despite being the main spokesperson for the company’s concussion product that is undergoing trials, he is no longer listed on Odyssey Health’s sports advisory board. Messages left with the company were not returned.”

Things could start getting dicey for Favre after the former head of Mississippi’s welfare agency entered into a plea agreement with federal and state prosecutors