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Broncos’ Sean Payton Accused Of “Doing Russell Wilson Dirty” All Season

Broncos head coach Sean Payton has been accused of “doing Russell Wilson dirty” since he got to Denver this season.

On Wednesday, Payton announced that he was benching Wilson for the rest of the season in favor of Jarrett Stidham.

After the news went viral, RG3 ripped into Payton for “doing Russell Wilson dirty” since he took the head coaching job.

“Sean Payton has been doing Russell Wilson dirty since the moment he became the Head Coach of the Denver Broncos. Hasn’t once shown him the respect he has earned as a Super Bowl Winning QB or with the respect you show to a QB your organization traded the farm for.”

RG3 went on to say that Payton was Wilson’s “biggest opposition” all season.

“Russell Wilson’s biggest opposition this year was Sean Payton. Embarrassed him in the media, on the sideline and every chance he got. After a long year of showing the locker room that Russ was never his guy, he benched him despite his improved play”