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CFL Team Shows Interest In Signing Colin Kaepernick

If Colin Kaepernick wants to play football, he might be able to do it in the Canadian Football League.

Earlier this week, Kaepernick went viral when he sent the NY Jets a letter asking them to put him on their practice squad team.

“I would be honored and extremely grateful for the opportunity to come in and lead the practice squad. I would do this with the sole mission of getting your defense ready each week,”


While the Jets haven’t answered Kaepernick’s letter, one CFL team appears interested in signing him.

On Thursday, the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League (CFL) have decided to put Kaepernick on their “negotiation list”, which means the Lions would have the rights to negotiate with him first if he decides to play in the CFL.

Kaepernick has shown disinterest in the past in playing in the CFL but we’ll see how he reacts to the latest development.