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Chiefs HC Andy Reid Speaks Out On Travis Kelce Throwing Helmet On The Sideline

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is speaking out after his incident with Travis Kelce over the weekend.

During the team’s loss to the Raiders, Reid stopped Kelce from entering the game for a play because Kelce slammed his helmet on the sideline.


The media asked Reid about the incident but immediately downplayed the whole thing.

“He went back in and did a nice job. Things happen. Emotional game. Travis is emotional, and sometimes my red hair gets to me a little bit. But it all works out.”

Kelce addressed the incident on his New Heights podcast.

“He [Reid] wanted to see the fire in me, and I reacted in a bad way,” Kelce said. “And, right now I’m just not playing my best football, and I gotta f—— lock the f— in, and be more accountable for him, be more accountable for my teammates. I gotta keep my f—— cool, man. As a leader on this team, that’s not how you switch the momentum.”