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Chiefs Owner’s Daughter Gives Opinion On Taylor Swift

The famous daughter of Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is speaking out on the Taylor Swift situation.

For the past week, some media members like Skip Bayless have called Swift a distraction amid the team’s struggles.

While Skip is critical of Swift, Chiefs’ heiress Gracie Hunt has a more positive outlook on the pop star’s relationship with Travis Kelce.

“I think we’re all so excited to see two such phenomenal people happy,” Hunt said via Fox News Digital. “I mean, it’s so easy for us to cheer for and for the entire world to cheer for because they’re wonderful for each other, and it’s just been so fun to watch this love story unfold. That’s been so special to see how happy they are.

“And also, (we) have so many young — especially female — fans watching football, interested in football and maybe even considering playing flag football and also cheering for the Chiefs.”