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Deshaun Watson Makes Surprising Suspension Settlement Offer To NFL

Deshaun Watson is reportedly looking to settle his suspension with the NFL.

It has been reported that Roger Goodell is looking for a full season of Watson for his “egregious” acts.

The AP’s Rob Maaddi is now reporting that Watson is willing to settle for an 8-game suspension and $5 million fine.

“I’m told Deshaun Watson would accept an 8-game suspension and $5 million fine in a settlement. Of course, league wants at least 17 games, significant fine over $5 million & evaluation for treatment. So this would be a significant compromise. But it would end it.”

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio believes Watson’s offer is a little too late.

The league has yet to offer any indication as to its position regarding Watson’s reported proposal. Our guess is that the league regards it to be far too little, and far too late.

In the current posture, the NFL is at the end of the road, with Harvey eight days into an appeal process that, by rule, must be expedited. It’s entirely possible that Harvey is putting the finishing touches on a written ruling that will suspend Watson for at least one full season, effective tomorrow. Watson’s sudden willingness to make a significant proposal comes at a time when it’s increasingly obvious that Harvey will be doing what Commissioner Roger Goodell wants — dropping the hammer on Watson.

The league can’t turn back now, not after the Commissioner used words like “egregious” and “predatory” when discussing Watson two days ago. A negotiated compromise that would result in Watson missing only two more games than Judge Sue L. Robinson imposed likely won’t fly in the court of public opinion. Thus, it won’t fly with the league.