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Doctor Gives Analysis On Joe Burrow Injury Update

It appears that Joe Burrow’s injury may have been slightly worse than reported.

Two weeks ago, the Bengals star QB came down with a calf strain in practice.

While many thought Burrow had a grade 1 calf strain, recent comments made by head coach Zac Taylor have one prominent doctor thinking that Burrow is dealing with a grade 2 strain.

Here’s what Taylor told the media on Wednesday.

“The timeline is several weeks from when I said several weeks.”

Doctor Jesse Morse, who covers the NFL for thefantasyDRS, issued his analysis on Twitter.


Translation (in my head):

He should have been feeling pretty good if it was a mild grade 1 since the injury occurred about 12 days ago. Usually they average 14-21 days.

Since Taylor said Burrow still ‘several weeks from when I said several weeks’ that means he still has a way to go.’

So this is likely closer to a grade 2 than a grade 1.

These usually take 6-8 weeks to fully heal.

The good news is that he has 4 weeks until Week 1 and I think he should be good for Week 1, assuming no setbacks beforehand.”

Hopefully Burrow is able to make it back before the start of the NFL season.