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Draymond Green Explains ‘Stomping’ Altercation With Kings’ Domantas Sabonis

Warriors’ Draymond Green has found himself at the center of controversy once again.

On Monday night, during game 2 of the Kings-Warriors series, Green was seen stepping on forward Domantas Sabonis after Sabonis latched onto his leg for a brief moment.

Officials reviewed the play and decided to eject Green for stomping on Sabonis.

While speaking to the media after the game, Green defended himself by saying that his leg was grabbed by Sabonis and is foot had to land “somewhere.”

“My leg got grabbed,” Green said. “Second time in two nights. Referees just watch it. I have to land my foot somewhere. I’m not the most flexible person, so that’s not stretching.

“I can only step so far, and I was pulling my leg away. Is what it is.”

“The explanation was I stomped too hard,” Green told reporters.

Sabonis was evaluated by medical personnel after the game and was cleared of any injuries according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

“X-rays returned negative on Sabonis’ sternum and it appears he’s avoided injury, source tells ESPN. He will undergo additional testing on Tuesday as a precaution.”