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Drew Lock Gives Honest Reaction To Losing Seahawks QB Job To Geno Smith

Drew Lock is opening up about losing the Seahawks’ starting QB competition against Geno Smith.

On Friday night, Pete Carroll named Smith that starting QB after Lock threw three interceptions in the team’s final preseason game.

“Geno was solid in his outing and he’s going to start the opener. He’s earned it. He’s won the job. With the timeframe, it got messed up for us with Drew and he just ran out of time. In the meantime, Drew’s got to keep on battling because he can play. He’s got all kinds of stuff in him and I want him to be ready. He’s going to keep growing, pushing, and developing as a fantastic player I think. We’re fortunate to have two guys that can go.”

Lock spoke to the media and gave his honest reaction to losing the starting QB job to Smith.

As a competitor, you’re always disappointed, and I was disappointed,” Lock said. “You want to be out there. You want to be playing with those guys. You want to be able to step on the field and show you can do it. Yeah, you’re disappointed, but now it’s my job to have his back and be the best teammate I can be. I need to come out everyday and find ways to make this team better and make myself better. I have to strive to get better every single day. I know I won’t be taking the reps, but there’s a lot of ways you can get better.

“I learned a lot about what to do last year in this situation and how to be ready for any chance that I get. I just need to get better any day.”

Despite the fact that he named Smith the starter, Carroll praised Lock and believes he could be a “fantastic” football player soon.

“He can play,” Carroll said. “I don’t have any question that he can play. I really don’t. He’s got all the athleticism. He’s got the arm strength. He’s got arm talent. He’s got a creativity about him. All of that. I think he’s going to be a fantastic football player soon, so it’s just a matter of he just didn’t quite have enough time to beat out a guy who knew exactly what he was doing and who just stayed at it and really just won the job because of his consistency and really his performance.”