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Gisele Reportedly Dumping Tom Brady Over ‘Sexless Marriage’

We’re beginning to learn more about the Tom Brady/Gisele Bundchen split.

Earlier this week it was reported that Brady and Bundchen had both hired divorce lawyers and are currently living separately.

According to a report from Radar Online, Gisele is not happy that her husband is away all the time, and they’re not having enough sex to her liking.

“That marriage has gone cold as ice,” an NFL insider close to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ future Hall of Famer spilled. “Gisele is a Brazilian supermodel with a super sex drive and she’s told her friends she needs more from her all-American husband.”

“Insiders say Tom’s prolonged absences for NFL obligations and his lack of scoring in the bedroom have left the marriage in the end zone. Sources claim Gisele felt betrayed when Tom’s February retirement from football lasted only 40 days before he committed to the Bucs for another year after he promised to quit and focus on his family and marriage.”

People Magazine is now reporting that Giselle has been planning on divorcing Brady for weeks.

“Gisele has been talking to a divorce lawyer for a while but to my knowledge has not filed anything and is still talking to Tom about their issues. This is not something that just happened today. Many people talk to lawyers but don’t go through with it when the realities of money set in. But in this case, both sides have plenty, and it isn’t one-sided, so it could be a different situation.”