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Tyreek Hill Disrespectfully DM’s Jake Paul’s Girlfriend

It looks like Tyreek Hill is picking a fight with Jake Paul.

On Saturday, Paul posted a video in which he discovered that the Miami Dolphins running back who made an appearance Paul’s podcast last week DMed his girlfriend Julia Rose.

Hill went on to post his own video showing himself sending Paul’s girlfriend a DM on Instagram and said he would be willing to settle things soon.

“Yooo @jakepaul – Can we settle this sometime soon? Just give us a date and we’ll be there”

Maybe Hill is trying to get payday and box Paul which probably wouldn’t end well for him.

During the offseason, Hill, who now has his own podcast, has been doing outlandish stuff to get himself to go viral.

Just last week on the Jake Paul podcast, Hill went viral when he mocked Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson.

We’ll have to wait and see how Paul responds to Hill openly DMing his girlfriend in public.