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Jalen Hurts Post-Game Speech After Beating Cowboys Will Give You Chills

Philadelphia Eagles star Jalen Hurts has proven that he can lead the team.

On Sunday, Hurts led Philly to a 26-17 home win over the Dallas Cowboys on prime time TV and after the game delivered one of the best postgame speeches of the season

The Eagles’ social media team shared Hurts’ epic locker room speech to his teammates following Sunday’s win over Dallas, which you can check out below.

“Hey, I want to give a gratitude to everybody in this locker room right now. Everybody in this locker room because we talk about being a family. We talk about what that — means. We practie that s— every day. But today we played together. Today we had each other’s back. Today we playd like a family. And we still did what? We still … left money on the f****** table. We still left that s*** there.

And I admire — ain’t no but s— — the faces y’all have here. I love that s***. I f—— love that s*** because we know what the f*** we can do. And we know what we can be. And we know it’s in our hands. And that’s how it’s always going to be. But we continue to take these steps and take advantage of every opportunity we have moving forward and we can be a really dominant football team. Every f***** time. Every f***** play.

But … we gonna turn up in this mother f—- today! Let’s go! Hey, I’m proud of y’all: we a f—-family. We a family, we go hard together, we go through f****** everything together, everything together. Family on 3 … 1, 2, 3 … Family!”

Here’s how fans reacted to Hurts’ speech.