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Jim Nantz Defends Tony Romo Over Criticism

Jim Nantz is coming to the defense of his broadcast partner Tony Romo.

Earlier this year, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported that the network had an intervention and sat down with the former NFL QB to both help him hone his skill and to emphasize the importance of film study.

Via NY Post

“Tony Romo needs to study more. He needs to be better prepared because as you move away from the sidelines, you need to do more work. I know CBS is aware of this. They tried an intervention last offseason. They anticipated this, which is a credit to them, but it has not gotten better and it’s a problem.”

Romo has faced plenty of criticism from NFL fans which Nantz believes is unfair.

Nantz also feels theres an agenda out to get Romo.

Via Sports Illustrated

“I love the guy. And when somebody starts questioning our chemistry, there’s an agenda there. There is nothing wrong with our chemistry,” Nantz said. “I have never had better chemistry with anybody in my career than Tony.

“Tony is amazing. Don’t ask everybody to be the same, by the way. Tony does it his own way. I’m talking presentation and everything. Tony has his way of watching a game. It’s fun. There’s a magnetism with Tony. There’s an excitement. It’s real. Our friendship is real.”