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Julian Edelman Teases Potential NFL Comeback

Former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman made some interesting comments about a potential NFL return.

Edelman, who retired in 2021, appeared on the Rich Eisen show on Tuesday and revealed that he still misses the game.

“I miss it more this year than I did last year,” Edelman said on Tuesday. “I miss waking up in August, going to the field and smelling the fresh-cut grass, seeing the sprinklers just finished. Seeing our equipment guys just finishing setting all the stuff out. The locker room. The fellas. The competition.

“Now, being in my second year out, I can actually miss it because last year it was still ingrained in my head. That last year was rough. Football is not fun when you’re bruised — when you feel like (expletive).”

Edelman says that he could see himself coming back for a team vying for a playoff run later in the season.

“I’ll tell you right now, if I had three weeks, three maybe four weeks — beginning of the season, absolutely not,” Edelman said. “But if there’s a team vying for a playoff run, guy goes down. Could I get ready? I probably could. … You can never say never.”

The Bucs or the Packers could sure use a wide receiver later in the year.