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Kamaru Usman Rips USADA Over 5 AM Wake Up Call

UFC welterweight champ Kamaru Usman has a bone to pick with USADA.

According to Usman, USADA woke him up at 5 am this morning to check up on him.

Dear @usantidoping
there’s a reason u make us fill out our whereabouts. So U know where we are at all times. Disrupting our sleep at 5am is just plain stupid. Next time I’ll make you guys follow me around all day

Usman isn’t the only fighter to have a beef with USADA over their scheduled check-up calls. Back in July Alex Volkanovski revealed that USADA woke him up in the middle of the night hours before his second fight against Max Holloway.

Via MMA Fighting.

“Now I can say it, because I went and done that to Max,” “That second fight with Max, when I tell you I didn’t turn up, there’s a few things that happened. You obviously don’t know about USADA coming wake me up four hours before I had to get up, which is ridiculous. Don’t know how that happened and how that could happen. I’m over that.

“I ended up doing silly things as well. I took melatonin tablets thinking — it was just silly, and woke up like drunk. Not drunk, but [not right either]. So it was rough, it was rough, but I’m not the type of guy to make excuses, I’m telling you now because I got to shut everyone up, and now I’m telling this. I didn’t turn up, now he’s going to believe that because of what I just did tonight. That’s why I was so confident going into this one. I didn’t turn up, he turned up, and he still couldn’t beat me”

“It was halfway through my sleep,” “They woke us all up and said that we’re gonna test him. Obviously my coaches and management were like, ‘What do you mean? What the hell?’ Obviously I woke up during the night to piss, [so] I couldn’t fill it up. I had to water load. The story goes on. I had to drink water so I could hurry up and piss so I could go to bed.”