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Lamar Jackson Telling Teams He’s Ready To Move On From Ravens According To Report

It appears that Lamar Jackson really wants out of Baltimore.

Jackson is currently signed to a non-exclusive franchise tag with the Ravens which allows him to negotiate with other teams.

Via NBC Sports

The team notified the NFL that it has placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on its star quarterback.
The non-exclusive tag comes in at just over $32 million for 2023 and gives Jackson the power to negotiate a long-term deal with other teams.

Meanwhile, non-exclusive tags allow players to negotiate with other teams. If they receive an offer, their current team has the opportunity to match. If they opt not to match the offer, they’re entitled to receive two first-round draft picks in exchange.

Lamar Jackson was allowed to other teams since last Wednesday but there doesn’t appear to be any team interested in negotiating with him because they either don’t want to give up two first-round picks or they don’t want to pay Jackson what he’s asking for.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Jackson is trying to entice other teams to talk to him by telling them he doesn’t need a fully guaranteed contract and the he’s “ready to move on from the Ravens.”

Via Pro Football Talk

Per multiple sources, a representative for Jackson has contacted more than one team in an effort to spark negotiations aimed at a possible offer sheet. The representative is not certified by the NFL Players Association.

As one source explained it, the person has said that Jackson does not want a fully-guaranteed contract. Some regard this as a possible exercise in semantics, with Jackson still wanting a very significant amount fully guaranteed — up to $200 million or more — with one more more non-guaranteed years on the back end.

Another source said that the representative is telling other teams that Lamar is ready to move on from the Ravens.