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Video: Mike Tyson Goes Viral At US Open

Mike Tyson looked pretty relaxed at the US Open.

On Monday, Tyson went viral while sitting in the stands to watch Serena Willians play in her final US Open.

Fans believed Tyson was high on mushrooms at Arthur Ashe stadium in New York.

Tyson being high on mushrooms isn’t much of a stretch considering he openly talked to Logan Paul last year about taking mushrooms every day.

“It makes you pretty objective for what’s really going on and mushrooms really tell you that you’re nothing. Even the mushrooms in the daytime, you take in, and the earth starts moving. You look at the ground, it’s moving. You look at the plants and the trees, they’re moving. They’re doing something. It’s absolutely insane,” said Mike Tyson.”

Tyson also recently told The Pivot podcast that he fought and trained in his last match vs Roy Jones Jr. while high on mushrooms.

It’s actually pretty cool to watch Tyson chill and mellow out in his old considering he was once feared when he was considered “baddest man on the planet.”