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‘Mount Rushmore Protection Act’ Introduced After Jalen Rose Rant

One politician is trying to make sure Mount Rushmore doesn’t get canceled.

Last week, ESPN’s Jalen Rose called for people to stop using “Mount Rushmore” in sports debate because the Mount Rushmore land was stolen from Native Americans.

Can we retire using ‘Mount Rushmore?’ That should be offensive to all of us, especially Native Americans, Indigenous people who were the first people here before Christopher Columbus,” Rose said in his Twitter video. “That land was stolen from them when it was discovered that it contained gold.”

“and 25 years later, to add insult to injury, four American presidents were put on what we call Mount Rushmore on the top of the dead bodies that [are] buried right underneath. So, I call for you and for myself — I’m owning this, too — let’s stop using the term ‘Mount Rushmore’ when we’re talking about our favorite rappers, talking about our favorite movies, talking about our favorite players.”

South Dakoa rep Dusty Johnson spoke with Fox News and says he’s introducing a bill to protect Mount Rushmore from the likes of Jalen Rose who are trying to cancel the monument.

Republican Rep. Dusty Johnson of South Dakota introduced a bill Friday to protect the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in response to calls by former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose to retire the use of “Mount Rushmore” when listing all-time greats over claims it is “offensive.”

The Mount Rushmore Protection Act prohibits the use of federal funds “to alter, change, destroy or remove the likeness, the name of or any of the faces on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial,” according to a press release from Johnson’s office.