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NFL Insider Believes Bears Could Trade Justin Fields After NFL Draft

Justin Fields appears to be the Bears quarterback of the future, but one draft expert thinks the team could still trade him.

Last month, the Bears opted to trade the top pick of the draft to the Carolina Panthers for DJ Moore and a slew of picks.

After the Bears traded the #1 pick to Carolina it appeared to be a clear indication that GM Ryan Poles was going to stick with Fields as the team’s QB for the near future.

NFL draft expert Daniel Jeremiah said that he believes the Bears could still end up trading Fields if the right QB falls to them at the 9th draft sport.

“Reset the quarterback clock by two years, so you buy two years to be able to live off of a rookie deal. The roster is gonna be in much better shape for a quarterback incoming than it was for Justin Fields when he started his career, so if you’re trying to maximize that five-year window on that rookie contract, you’ve reset it, you’ve got a larger window, you’ve got a better team than you did two years ago, you’re going to have to pay Justin here coming up before the team is really, really good and ready to win, you extend that period out. You could then trade Justin and get some draft capital in return. I don’t know what that would look like. Worst-case scenario you’re getting a two, maybe you get a future 1. You already have all these extra picks, you’ve already picked up D.J. Moore, we’ve reset the quarterback clock, we get extra picks for Justin Fields.

Now, I know in Chicago with the fan base, they’ve grown attached to Justin and Justin’s done some fun things to watch with what he’s done with his legs and glimpses and flashes with his arm. But [Bucky Brooks], I’m telling you, man, has he done enough to not even consider this? Maybe they don’t do it, but I guarantee you this discussion and this scenario has to take place. Tell me I’m crazy.