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Paige Spiranac Fires Back At ‘Betting Sharp’ Critics

On Wednesday afternoon, Paige Spiranac fired back at a few fans in her comments section.

For the past few months, Spiranac has been giving her college football picks and has made a profit. She went on to call herself as a “football sharp” and received backlash for whatever reason.

“So I jokingly called myself a football sharp, because I’ve gone 19-10 with my college football picks. And everyone in my comments were like, ‘sharp? don’t you mean betting shark? Why don’t you stick to being bad at golf and showing off your cle–age and leaving the betting to the men?’

“Although I’ll agree on the cle–age line, the correct term is, indeed, sharp. A sharp is an experienced, knowledgeable and successful sports bettor. They’re getting confused with card shark, someone who wins a lot of money on card games, but by cheating.”

Here’s video of Spiranac’s response


Of course fans had jokes about Paige’s latest video.