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Paige Spiranac’s Outfit Was Too Racy For One Golf Course

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac is well-known for her racy outfits, but apparently, one golf course had issues with her dress even after inviting her to play at their course.

On Monday, Spiranac told the story of how one golf course told her they didn’t want to be associated with her because of her outfit even after the fact that they had seen what she was wearing and approved of the outfit at the time.

“Hello everyone. It’s time to play a hole with me today,: “And unfortunately, I can’t tell you the name of the golf course or the golf hole because they don’t want me to. They originally reached out and said they love my content. They love what I’m doing for the game of golf, and they would love to host me. But I was hesitant, because I know how most middle tier country clubs can be. Most of the members have this elitist attitude and I know that my dress code can be a sore point for a lot of people. But I’m always respectful, so I asked them if my outfit was okay and they watched me shoot every single piece of content.

“There were no problems until after I posted one of my videos and they said ‘hey, we know we asked for tags, but you’re gonna have to remove all tags. We don’t want you to be associated with our golf course.’ I actually prefer public golf courses because I find the people nicer and the environment more welcoming. Golf is all about trying to enjoy this bizarre game with even better company. I think we all need to do a better job of taking ourselves a little bit less serious and having a little bit more fun.”

It’s pretty absurd that a golf course would invite Spiranac out, knowing full well that she likes to dress a certain way.

Props to all the other golf courses that let Paige dress however she wants on the course.