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Steph Curry Fires Back At Former Guard Calling Him ‘One-Dimensional’

Former NBA guard Mike James has annoyed NBA Twitter with his comments about Steph Curry.

During an appearance on the Players Choice podcast, James knocked Curry’s game as being one-dimensional.

“Steph, like how he plays and how he gets stuff off, it’s just kind of one-dimensional at times if that makes sense,” James said during a recent appearance on the Players Choice podcast.. “… He’s not the primary ball-handler a lot and for a point guard that kind of bothers me.”

When asked about playing one-on-one with some of the campers at his Curry Camp on Friday, Curry took a shot at James.

“It’s all bad for them, all bad for them…even as one-dimensional as I am,” he said with a laugh. “I’m petty, though. I’m so petty.”


NBA fans also went on to mock James over his comments about Curry.