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Troy Aikman Reacts To Backlash Over His ‘Take The Dresses Off’ Comment

Troy Aikman is breaking his silence after receiving backlash over some of his recent comments.

During Monday Night’s Chiefs-Raiders game. Aikman said he wanted the NFL to “take the dresses off” and fix the roughing the passer penalty rule.

Fans immediately blasted Aikman and called him sexist over his comments.

On Thursday, Aikman appeared on Sportsradio 96.7 FM and admitted that his comment was “dumb.”

“Yeah, I mean, my comments were dumb. Just shouldn’t have made them, just dumb remarks on my part.”

Aikman did add that he felt the roughing the passer penalty should be changed.

<“But the other part of … what came from that, what I said was that it implied that I’m not in favor of protecting the quarterbacks, which could not be further from the truth. I’m totally in favor of the protection that the quarterbacks are afforded, and all players for that matter. But there’s no question there has been over-enforcement of the protection for quarterbacks.” “I do think we’re, as I said, I think we’re over-officiating it. But these are the rules. I mean, as the rule reads and if you watch that in real time, it would be hard to look at that play with Chris Jones in our game and not feel like he landed on the quarterback with his body weight, you know? I would imagine that there’s been enough outcry about it that I would think that the powers that be will take a hard look at it this offseason, and see if maybe they can correct it.”