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Tickets To Washington Commanders Preseason Game Sell For $1

Ticket prices for the Washington Commanders preseason home opener at FedEx Field were extremely cheap.

According to Daniel Kaplan of the Athletic, fans could find tickets to the Commanders preseason home opener against the Carolina Panthers for as long as $1.

Washington team President Jason Wright insists ticket sales are doing well despite the Twitter jokes.

Washington has already sold more tickets for this season than it did during the whole of its 2021 campaign, according to Wright.

“But a big part of that is the season-ticket member base has increased so much,” Wright said. “And that’s the foundation on which attendance is built. … We couldn’t be happier with the progress that’s been made. We feel like we’re maxing out.”

Wright, 40, declined to provide specific numbers on suite and ticket sales because he “doesn’t want to get ahead of my team being able to tell their story.” But he said the Commanders’ overall renewal rate on season tickets is up 15 percent and the renewal rate on suites is up almost 30 percent.

We’ll have to wait until the season starts to see if Wright is telling the truth.